The regrettable fallout of the digital age and the glut of mobile phones is the negligence of handwriting skills that we see today among children and in many schools. What has become a new normal in all houses is that the young children have become experts in a swipe, touch, and tap the digital screen before they hold a pencil and paper.

I want to remind the young parents about handwriting skills and how it decides your child’s success and improve visual-motor skills and help better eye-hand coordination. It’s more urgent today than any time before when we are witnessing the markets flooded with a dime a dozen mobile handsets and digital gadgets.

Children who can practice handwriting from the very beginning will learn to write quickly and legibly: a necessary skill that helps him to express his ideas, thoughts through a written word.

One more aspect of handwriting a parent has to appreciate is the holistic activity involved when a child scribbles on a paper with a pencil in hand – simple words and sentences. It consequently renders a multidimensional, healthfully physical, and mental exercise to the child. 

Therefore, it gives a good academic dividend if a parent could attempt to devote time to teaching and to practice letter formation in the early years of a child.

For a school going child advantages of good handwriting are many:

Handwriting helps to create a sharp and artistic brain. Good handwriting can beautify the whole text material, which pleases the eyes and the brain. Such beautifully written text would surely please any teacher or examiner, and his approval, perhaps, might create in a child a feeling of good stimulation, which can have a positive effect on the brain.

Good handwriting translates to achieving good marks. Any teacher or an examiner would get impressed by neat and well – written texts and paragraphs, and the possibilities of scoring exceptional marks by clear handwriting discipline will be fairly high than the students who don’t care and has bad handwriting. Therefore, any aspiring student who wants to score more has to work more on his handwriting.

Excellent scores attract higher confidence levels among the children. It becomes a healthy source of self- assertiveness and positive vibes. Such was the assurance at work in children who takes care of the written word.

Good handwriting and its importance become even more crucial when one enters the professional world. It’s an accepted standard that resourceful employers often judge people by their handwriting. If one is an aspirant of a good job, then handwriting stands to impress the employer at first glance more than anything else. 

Parents must appreciate the fact that children, teachers, everyone in the academic world feel happy, proud, and inspired by good handwriting skills. Good handwriting is the indelible stamp of achievement in any professional place, and self-assurance in life. It is, and it will remain a key to a person’s character, success, and advancement. 

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